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During the year of 2002 there were some changes that were about to happen in my life. One decision I made was to get a puppy. After several months of researching as to which breed I was going to purchase, I finally made the decision of purchasing a “Boxer” puppy. I found the perfect puppy online at Boxer Barn in Louisiana! I had to have her! As you can imagine, there were a lot of arrangements that needed to be made to get my little girl here to Pennsylvania! Well, as I sat in the parking lot of the baggage warehouse outside of the Philadelphia airport, at 12 midnight, I thought about if what I was doing was going to work out. One thing I did know is that I couldn’t wait to see my little puppy. Well, she made it okay, with just a little amount of accidents inside her crate! It was time to bring her home. I lived in a 2 bedroom beautiful country apartment and in one month was going to move into my brand new single home. The weeks were crazy busy, to say the least, with packing, trying to train a puppy and dealing with the temper of my 19 yr old cat all at the same time! After 4 long weeks, I moved into my beautiful brand new home! As you can imagine, a brand new house with a brand new puppy really didn’t mix very well. I had a lot of work in front of me. I knew I needed to find someone I could trust to train my “Bitsy” girl. One day, as I was trying to walk my puppy on her leash up my street, a man came out of his house from across the street to assist me in getting Bitsy to focus on her “walk”. Much to my surprise, “Dave” begins to tell me he owned a dog training company! My prayers were answered and not only were answered, but Dave lived up the street from me! Conveniently, Dave and I made arrangements to train Bitsy. He was amazing! In just a short time, Bitsy was so obedient! I have to admit Dave explained a lot of the training involved me doing my homework, in which I neglected at times, but Bitsy passed with flying colors! The techniques and the paperwork Dave distributed were excellent! There were plenty of times I referred to the information and was very knowledgeable in areas of dog training. It was a learning experience both for me and for Bitsy! Bitsy is 6 years old now and the best dog that anyone could ever own! I owe it all to Dave and his knowledge as a dog trainer who really does care! Thank you Dave!

Deidre Desario

In the fall of 2005, a large German Shepherd appeared on our property, 3 months after we had to put our previous shepherd down related to his hips. We contacted the owners, and after a conversation, learned that they were planning to move out of the country, and wanted to adopt “Shadow” out to a new home. We agreed to take him on a trial basis for 2 weeks. After about 4 weeks, against the advice of our vet because we had 3 children 3 yrs., 5 yrs., and 9 yrs., we decided we liked his personality, and wanted to keep him. Shadow was 18 months old, 80-90 pounds, and had not only not had any training, but hadn’t really been on leash. In addition, he would greet people and cars by jumping up on them. He chased our cats up trees. He urinated when reprimanded out of fear, and would “playfully” bite at people’s feet. He was also very skiddish, and would run away when reprimanded. We live very close to the Pa. turnpike, so we needed to get this behavior under control quickly.

Our veterinarian recommended David Roy for dog training, as there was no way I would be able to take this very strong dog into a class full of other dogs. He would have been aggressive and very distracted from any training. David came to our home at least 8 visits over a period of several months. Because Shadow was not a young puppy anymore, and had developed some very bad habits, David worked with us at our pace and Shadow’s. David has a very structured approach to training the owner as to how to train their dog. Each lesson builds upon the previously learned behaviors. David also had specific interventions to address the inappropriate behavioral issues we had with Shadow. The entire course works to build the relationship from one of fear to one of trust and obedience between the dog and his owner.

Our experience with David was great. He was professional and patient with us, in addition to being able to pinpoint the issues we needed to address with Shadow. With a lot of follow up on our part, and with the lessons with David, Shadow turned out to be an amazing dog. After the trust developed, he never urinated/cowered when corrected anymore. He became not only extremely obedient on leash, but actually got to the point were we could leave him off leash outside, and he would not run away, and would return to us upon command. I would highly recommend David and his training program. He helped us to change a very disobedient, skiddish dog into an awesome, friendly pet which we became so comfortable with not only with our young children, but also their friends and our other pets.

Diane and Gerry Houseknecht

Without a shadow of a doubt I recommend Dog Lovers Training to anyone considering bringing home a dog.

Our family has had extensive interaction with Dave since he has trained 3 dogs for us in the last 4 years. Our family includes 3 young kids, and when we brought home our dog we found Dave and he helped us train our first dog Bosco. Bosco was easy to train, Dave’s job was more focused on training us, the dog owners. Bosco was very calm, smart and willing to learn. Everything he was introduced to by Dave was easily adopted by him and became part of his daily routine. Unfortunately we lost Bosco far too early to complications associated with knee surgery at the age of three.

A year later we introduced Dave to our new additions, Hank and Bo; two Redbone Coonhounds, a breed with hunting lineage. Hank and Bo, by breed and by temperament, are clearly Bosco’s opposites! They are wonderfully friendly dogs but are far more high strung. Dave researched the breed for us and has been extremely accessible and helpful with nuances for our situation.

Our prior experience with Dave’s program and disciplined approach gave us the confidence that these dogs could be trained as companions. We have been practicing and advancing the coonhounds through Dave’s program and it has been critically valuable; these dogs could “take over your life” without disciplined training. Bottom line, the Dog Lover’s program works; the details are easy to follow and the expert advice and encouragement from Dave can make any potential pet owner “experienced.

John Mulcahy

David Roy helped us with dog training and also pet sitting. He was unbelievably professional and easy to deal with. The personal touch he uses with our dog as well as his customer service is in my opinion unmatched. When our dog was lost he went out to help us look for him without our asking. That is the type of person he is. David Roy’s services are above and beyond what you can ever expect.

Jeff Allen

President Northwest, Translations, Inc.

Dog Lover’s Family Training helped us tremendously with our Golden Retriever “Riley”. Beyond teaching us how to focus him on commands and control his exuberance, Dave worked hard with my two kids to get Riley focused on listening to them as well as myself and my wife. David’s training knowledge and expertise has made a huge difference in the relationship we have with Riley. Thanks for all the help.

Dave Shaffer

The best!

The training was concise and very achievable from an owner’s perspective. Our little puppy, Izze was our 5th dog in 30 years so we were sure we knew what we were doing. She was only 6 pounds…how hard could this be? In a manner of weeks, she was not only running the household but barking uncontrollably at anything in sight.

Dave at Dog Lovers helped us to understand how she thinks and showed us how to be in control of all situations.

We now have a well behaved, happy loving member of family. She goes everywhere with us. We are continually being told what a well behaved dog we have. We couldn’t be happier.

Nancy and David Carroll

We were hesitant to try Dog Lover’s Family Training & Pet Sitting’s training techniques, but we gave it a try. Our Yorkshire Terrier “CoCo” is so well behaved from the training, we get compliments all the time on how well behaved she is. Thanks to Dave and his training techniques we have a very well behaved puppy dog. He is knowledgable and experienced. He knows his Stuff!

While we have not used Dog Lover’s pet sitting services during travel out of town, we do use their dog walking service on a regular basis. Our everyday experience has been nothing but positive. The staff is flexible….sometimes we have to stay later for an event/ meeting and the staff is always flexible and available.

Loretta Robinson

Dog Lover’s gave me a sense of security and confidence knowing that my animals were in Erin’s care at their own home. They hate being boarded at the vet, which is where I used to take them. I always felt badly for them the whole time I was away. I love you guys!

Susan B.

I enjoyed my time away knowing my kids were well taken care of! It’s nice to see a business as professional as “Dog Lover’s”.

Tom Price

We are able to pick up on a moments notice and go skiing or work late knowing that Buck has been exercised, fed and received lots of love and attention.

Colleen Murray

Dave was very accommodating to add an extra visit at the last minute. Sugar seemed to really like him.

Ash Brooks

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