Dog Lover's Family Training and Pet Sitting


Our mission is to help enrich the relationship between pets and their families through passionately providing the best training and pet care services.

Our goal is to make you and your pets life stress free by providing multiple services including training and pet sitting.

Fully insured and bonded our services provide many advantages for you and your pets when you can't be there. Whether you are on vacation, working long hours, need to attend unexpected activities or are just short on time to get your pet where they need to be, our professional, experienced team can help you out.


David Roy is the owner of Dog Lover’s Family Training and Pet Sitting. Since 1998 David has been successfully training dogs and their owners to build a stronger happier relationship. Through working with Highland Hills Pet Training and Dog Lover’s Family Training, David has trained hundreds of dogs and their families. Many of these dogs David has rehabilitated from serious behavioral issues. He has dealt with numerous cases of aggression issues including dominance, fear, object and chase aggression. He has also worked with clients to correct many housebreaking and separation anxiety issues. Although working through challenging behavioral issues can be stressful for a client, he works with the client on making the training process fun for the dog and client. Besides dealing with these challenging behavior issues; his program puts a strong emphasis on teaching the client to have off-leash control of their dog. David is a member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and is driven in the desire to help make families lives better with their dogs. His passion for training dogs and educating the owners on communicating effectively with their dog’s; has produced outstanding results for hundreds of owners. He keeps up with effective and modern training methods through continued education and workshops throughout the year. He believes that this is an important responsibility for trainers to help them continue to perfect their skills and training methods. Along with his training experience; he is an experienced pet sitter and a member of Pet Sitters International (PSI); one of the top pet sitting organizations throughout the United States and abroad.

Christy Williams

As an experienced trainer and dog owner Christy understands the importance of training owners and dog’s to live stress free. She has an uncanny ability to connect with her clients and their dogs. With her patient and caring techniques she does a great job of teaching her client’s to communicate effectively with their dog’s leading to a happy lasting relationship between both owner and dog. She has worked with all ages and breeds of dogs, and has experience with all different behavioral issues along with excelling in teaching basic and advanced obedience. 


 Jenna Schmutzer

Jenna loves all animals big and small. Growing up she had dogs, cats, hamsters, rats along with some cockateils which her family bred. Dogs were always a big part of everyday life when she lived in Minnesota. Lots of lakes and big game hunting bring equal amounts of labs, springer spaniels and hounds to the northern part of the state where she grew up. This makes her a natural dog lover. She now lives in Castle Rock, CO with a couple Rottweilers, lizards (a savanna monitor and prarie skink) and breeding snails and spoted pleco's.

Kaileigh Shwardzwald

Kaileigh has spent her whole life with dogs. She grew up next to Jenna in northern Minnesota on a lakeshore where she fell in love with aquatic turtles. She now owns four different species of turtles (which surprisingly have as much dramatic differences between breeds of dogs) and one handicapped turle named Nubs. She moved to Montana and helped to build house foundations with a pack of four Aussie-Shepherd mixes and two cats who were convinced they were dogs as well. She now has a couple Rottweillers who are really sweet dogs.