Friends of Dog Lover's Family Training and Pet Sitting


Our mission is to help enrich the relationship between pets and their families through passionately providing the best training and pet care services.

Our goal is to make you and your pets life stress free by providing multiple services including training and pet sitting.

Fully insured and bonded our services provide many advantages for you and your pets when you can't be there. Whether you are on vacation, working long hours, need to attend unexpected activities or are just short on time to get your pet where they need to be, our professional, experienced team can help you out.

 Our Friends



Yes the pet sitting is great, but all I really want to do is play in the snow.


I like when Dog Lover’s Training & Pet Sitting takes care of me when mom and dad are out of town. They know what my favorite toys are and play with me when they come and see me.

I used to jump on everyone I met because I was so excited. With the training I learned to greet people without jumping. I learned to sit nicely for attention and to control my exuberance when I am excited. Now that I don’t jump anymore I get to sleep in my favorite spot again “on the sofa”.

Dog Lover’s Family Training & Pet Sitting watched me when mom and dad traveled and also trained me. I used to like to chase cars and was a little aggressive around people I did not know. Now with the training I like meeting new people and stay calm when cars pass.


Ok, so I was difficult to train I admit. Dog Lover’s Training even had to calm mom and dad down so they would not give up. I was very hyper and had trouble keeping focused on anything. With the training I learned a lot of commands and channeled my energy in a positive constructive way. Now the whole family is happy and we have a peaceful relationship.

I really like the training. Mom and dad wanted a well trained dog so they got me started early in training. I learned very quick at my young age and now will have a lot more freedom because I listen so well.

Mom and Dad wanted to have full off-leash control. That way they could take me where ever they go without worrying about if I were on leash or not. Thanks to the training I get to go to lots of great places and I always listen off-leash.


Before the training I did not get along well with other dogs. My aggression issues have gone away thanks to the training. I am now very social with other dogs without exhibiting aggression toward them. Thanks for the help.

Before the training I had separation anxiety. I would chew things up when I was left alone. Now I am not anxious and destructive when mom and dad leave me alone. I also enjoyed when Dog Lover’s did pet sitting for a week. A received a lot of training that week.



Bo & Hank
Counter surfing and distractions; that was our downfall. We just had to check out what was up there. We have done a lot of work in different environments to help us deal with various distractions and now stay in the “go lay down” command on our mats when everyone leaves the room rather than jumping up on the counters.

Mr. Meemoo







Minnie & Molly




I love the dog walking service that Dog Lover’s Training & Pet Sitting offers. I am a high energy dog that requires a lot of exercise.


Whenever mom and dad have long days at work Dog Lover’s comes over and takes me out for a walk. I really like the exercise.



I used to bark so much it drove mom and dad crazy. Now that I am trained I have learned to focus on all the different commands I was taught rather than barking at distractions and other things.
I was really stubborn before I went through training and didn’t listen very well. With the training I found out that listening to the family is fun. Plus I learned all sorts of new things.


When dad goes out of town they come and take really good care of me. So good in fact that I don’t even hide under the bed anymore. Thanks for the pet sitting service.


Brodie & Sterling
Mom and dad used to have someone in the neighborhood take care of us when they were away. Now Dave with Dog Lover’s takes care of the pet sitting and we love it. We go on longer walks and he even taught us not to pull on the leash.